Olympic Rescue Planes On Stand By

With security concerns at the Olympic games in Sochi on the rise, a unique rescue squad is preparing to be ready at a moment's notice if Team USA needs to be brought to safety. INSIDE EDITION reports.

A fleet of medical aircraft is on standby if terrorists attack Team USA in Sochi.

In the event terrorists strike, an elite crisis team made up of paramedics and former Navy SEALs is ready to sweep into action using a fleet of planes to evacuate Americans.

The high-profile U.S. ski and snowboard teams, which include "The Flying Tomato," snowboarder Shaun White, five-time Olympic skier Bode Miller, and rising young stars have hired the crisis response firm Global Rescue to make the extraordinary preparations.  

CEO Dan Richards gave INSIDE EDITION a tour of the fleet, which could airlift 375 athletes, staff, and other Americans out of Russia.

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INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero asked, "How quickly can you mobilize all of your aircraft and personnel if something were to happen at the Olympics?"

Richards replied, "We mobilize and begin to work immediately."

Inside the planes there is a flying ICU with state of the art medical equipment.

"This has got all of the equipment you would need in order to sustain life," Richards explained.

There is a high-tech command center where the rescue effort would be coordinated. And who better to lead the effort than ex-Navy SEALs?

Richards noted, "A number of our personnel are military veterans. They have been deployed to combat zones in Iraq, Afghanistan, and other parts of Africa and the Middle East."

Concerns over the safety of our athletes are at a fever pitch, coming on the heels of suicide bombings and terror threats. Russian President Vladimir Putin has committed 63,000 police and anti-terror personnel and promises the Olympics will go off without a hitch. Americans aren't so sure. 

"Any spectators attending the games should go in with their eyes wide open and understand the possibility certainly exists that something is going to happen," stated Richards.