Sporting Events Make Headlines For Unusual Reasons

From opera stars to extra security, these are not your typical sports headlines. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Opera star Renee Fleming will sing the national anthem at the Super Bowl. She will be the first opera singer ever to perform at America’s big game.

The honor usually goes to a pop or country star like Kelly Clarkson or Alicia Keys.

Fleming is 54 and is known as "The People's Diva." She even once sang David Letterman's Top Ten list.

Meanwhile, Seattle Seahawks' Richard Sherman apologized in his first TV interview on CNN since that raging rant seen around the world.

He said on CNN, "I probably should not have attacked another person. I didn't mean to attack him and that was immature and I probably should have not done that. I regret doing that."

But in the appearance on CNN, Sherman said attacks on his character were a wild overreaction.

He said, "It was kind of mind boggling. It was kind of sad the way the world reacted."

That other big upcoming sports event, the Olympics, continues to spark concern about acts of terrorism. Even Meredith Vieira, a co-host of the Opening Ceremonies, says she's worried.

On Piers Morgan she said, "It's a bit of a leap of faith. You hope that the security is there, I hope that they share information more than they have with the U.S. Right now, that is kind of a rough point. But, I’m going."