Parasailing Victim Opens Up About Life-Changing Accident

Last year, two teenage girls were slammed into a building while they were parasailing in Florida. Now, one of the girls is speaking for the first time about the incident. INSIDE EDITION reports.

Good Morning America had the heartbreaking first look inside the hospital room of a pretty teen that parasailed right into a building.

Seventeen-year-old Sidney Good and her friend crashed into an apartment building in Florida when their parasailing adventure went horribly wrong.

Sidney spoke with Good Morning America by phone on Wednesday. She said, "I have double vision constantly, and my peripheral vision is completely, it's just gone."

GMA also aired images of Sidney in the hospital with brain injuries and cracked vertebrae.

Sidney said, "About the second day my body was preparing itself to die."

Sidney and her pal, Alexis Fairchild, were vacationing in Panama City last summer when the horrific accident happened. The cable towing them somehow disconnected from the boat and the wind carried them straight into the building.

Sidney said, "I remember seeing the people on the balcony that we hit, I remember them kinda grabbing for me and then after that I blacked out."

The girls also hit a power line, before crash landing onto an SUV.

Doctors have told Sidney she will probably never recover fully.