Frigid Temperatures Disrupt Life in Northeast

INSIDE EDITION reports on the disruptions caused by the arctic blast hitting the Northeast, and how you can stay warm in such frigid temperatures.

It was an amazing sight of a three-story-tall glass wall worth a half-a-million dollars, shattered from top to bottom. It's part of the cube of glass at Apple's flagship store on Fifth Avenue in New York City. It was hit by a snow blower in the aftermath of the massive snowstorm that has buried the Northeast.

The storm caused chaos on Manhattan's tony Upper East Side, one of the wealthiest neigbhorhoods in the country.

The new mayor, Bill de Blasio came under fire from none other than the Today show's Al Roker, who lives in the rich enclave

See How Some New Yorkers Are Trying To Keep Warm

Roker said, "Unfortunately, Mayor de Blasio made a big mistake, or at least his team did, by not getting out front of this. They're claiming it caught them off guard, that it came in earlier than predicted. No! No! No! It didn't. Try watching us, ok?"

In the chaos, some people still tried to make the best of the snow. Golden Globe winner Andy Samberg was cross-country skiing down Broadway during an appearance on Late Show with David Letterman.

And hundreds were taking part in a huge snowball fight at Dupont Circle in the heart of Washington D.C.

But the snow also made for treacherous conditions. One car spun out of control across four lanes of traffic on a D.C. highway.

With temperatures plunging to minus 8 degrees, keeping warm can be a matter of life and death.

Using a special camera made by Fleer, INSIDE EDITION saw what happens to your body in cold weather. Megan Alexander was pretty bundled up, wearing extra layers to keep warm, just like the experts say to do. But when we switched to our special infrared camera, all the heat that was escaping from her body could be seen on camera.

Alexander went to Century 21 to find out how to dress warmly when it's bitterly cold with the help of marketing manager Heather Feinmel. You should dress in layers, at least three layers of clothing is best. The outer layer is the most important. Wear a down coat over wool and the longer the better. Look for coats labelled with a 650 to 800 fill—that's how much down it contains. The coats should be waterproof and have an insulated hood.

Baby it's very cold outside. So make sure you bundle up.