Justin Bieber In Crisis

INSIDE EDITION takes a look at the dangerous cocktail known as Sizzurp and published reports that claim Justin Bieber drinks it.

Is Justin Bieber gambling with his life by drinking the highly dangerous concoction known as Sizzurp?

Sizzurp is a cocktail of prescription strength cough syrup with codeine, soda, and Jolly Rancher hard candies.

At a press conference Police Chief Raymond Martinez said, “Mr. Bieber made a statement that he had consumed some alcohol, and he had been smoking marijuana and consumed some prescription medication.”  

Published reports claim that Bieber is taking large daily doses of Sizzurp.

Dr. Travis Stork, host of TV’s The Doctors and an emergency room specialist, says it's a deadly craze.

Dr. Stork told INSDIE EDITION, “I know Justin Bieber has reportedly used this. There's this misconception that if something is a prescription drug, it's somehow safer. Prescription drugs kill more people than cocaine and heroine combined.”   

Watch More Of Dr. Stork's Interview About The Dangers of Sizzurp

An overdose of Sizzurp put Bieber's pal, rapper Lil Wayne, in the hospital for six days last year.

Sizzurp is the subject of numerous rap songs and has become disturbingly popular among high school students.A YouTube video shows one teen mixing a supply. Within minutes he is completely incapacitated.

Bieber’s skateboarding ramp at his home in Calabasas, California is covered in graffiti including the words “Double Cup.” Double Cup is street slang for an extra strong dose of Sizzurp.

Just days ago, on-again-off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez reportedly accused Bieber of having a drug problem texting: "U r a drug addict. U need help." Gomez has denied the texts were from her.

Dr. Stork said, “Whether it’s Justin Bieber or some other celebrity, just because you can get your hands on something doesn't mean you should.”