Oakland Raiders Cheerleaders Suing Their Employer

The Raiderettes, the cheerleading squad of NFL team Oakland Raiders are suing their employer claiming their wages are too low. INSIDE EDITION reports.

The beautiful pro football cheerleaders of the Oakland Raiders may look happy, but they're crying foul against their employer, claiming their salaries amount to less than minimum wage.

Cheerleader Lacy T., a married mom, and the other cheerleaders are suing the team, insisting the Raiders are violating state labor laws.

She told INSIDE EDITION, "I feel really gypped right now."

The girls get paid $125 for each of the team's 10 home games. That's a total of a measly $1,250 a season.

Lacy T. said, "After taxes it is little over a thousand for the season."

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent said, "That is not a lot, is it?"

Lacy said, "No, it is not."

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They also claim they don't get a dime for other duties, such as posing for a sexy swimsuit calendar shoot. When you figure out all their time-consuming extra activities for no additional pay, the suit says, they're working for less than $5 an hour.

The Raiderettes are seeking an injunction to change their contract, and to get back pay and penalties.

No comment so far from the team, but Lacy has high hopes that soon, they'll really have something to cheer about.

Lacy tells us the Oakland Raiders did pay her some extra money this season, but the lawsuit is still going ahead. Meantime, the Raiders have declined to comment.