David Beckham Heats Up Super Bowl Commercials

INSIDE EDITION has a behind-the-scenes look at David Beckham's Super Bowl ad with H&M where viewers can buy the product right from their remotes with the Samsung Smart TV.

The Super Bowl just got a lot hotter with David Beckham in a new ad for H&M. And INSIDE EDITION has your first look behind-the-scenes.

The now retired soccer great filmed two versions of the $4 million dollar underwear ad, and it's up to fans to decide which one airs on game day.

Will Beckham appear in the ad "uncovered" or "covered?" All next week, viewers can go to H&M.com to vote.  

And get this—for the first time viewers will be able to purchase the underwear Beckham is wearing with their TV remote, as long as they have a Samsung Smart TV.

But let's face it, it's really about the eye candy with red hot David Beckham.