Growing Trend to Discard Shampoo

INSIDE EDITION caught up with one woman taking part in a growing movement to never use shampoo.

Hard to believe, but this woman with the soft luscious hair says she hasn't shampooed in two years!

Leah Dossey said, “I haven't shampooed in two years-- I don't need to.”

Dossey is not alone. She's part of a growing trend called the "no poo" movement.

The Today show’s Natalie Morales said, “Sounds gross, but take a look—she actually looks pretty good!”

INSIDE EDITION has pictures of Jacquelyn Byers who was featured on the Today show and hasn't shampooed her hair in, get this, five years! Another gorgeous woman with long blonde locks has been shampoo-free for six months.

Watch Dossey Discuss Her No Shampoo Process
Dossey actually does wash her hair once a week; not with shampoo, but with baking soda and vinegar.  Sometimes, she switches it up with sliced aloe vera and honey. Leah told INSIDE EDITION, “Everything that you need you can pretty much find in your kitchen cupboard.”

Dossey says she is "no poo" because she wants to stear clear of the chemicals you find in regular shampoos. And if you decide to start washing your hair with vinegar, like Dossey, she says not to worry about the smell.

She told INSIDE EDITION, “After you rinse your hair there is no vinegar smell. I don't have to worry about going outside and smelling like a salad.”