Latest Developments in Justin Bieber Arrest

The pop star is under siege in Miami as details surface of his father playing a role in the wild night that ended in jail. INSIDE EDITION reports from Miami.

Justin Bieber is under siege.

The troubled teen idol is a virtual prisoner inside the palatial Orchid House Hotel in Miami's South Beach, besieged by the press and fans. An SUV delivered Bieber's skateboards and audio equipment, while a bodyguard hustled photographers away.

orchid hosueSteven Gonzalez/Getty Images

Inside Bieber's gilded cage is a $5,000-a-night wood-panelled suite and inviting pool.

Bieber's companion, model Chantel Jeffries was seen leaving the hotel Friday after apparently spending the night there.

Bieber's antics of climbing on his SUV after his court appearance is being compared with Michael Jackson, who pulled a similar stunt after appearing in court back in 2004.

Bieber posted pictures with the message: "What more can they say?"

His father is coming under fire today for allegedly enabling his son and even reportedly helped close off the street where Bieber was arrested for drag racing his rented Lamborghini.

And get this—Bieber told police his mom actually gave him the prescription medication that was in his system when he was arrested.

Miami Police speak about the arrest.

Bobby Hernandez of the Miami Police Department said, "His mother's the one who gave him that prescription. He didn't know specifically what he was taking."

Bieber had planned to sit courtside at the Miami Heat vs. L.A. Lakers game Thursday night, but the Miami team pulled his tickets at the last minute to avoid a media frenzy.

INSIDE EDITION got a look at the actual $250,000 yellow Lamborghini Bieber was driving when he was arrested.


John Temerian from the rental company told INSIDE EDITION, "Justin was a very, very nice guy. Very down to earth. Definitely a car enthusiast."

The Lamborghini can reach speeds close to 200 mph!  

Temerian "The Lambourghini LP 550 that we have is a very easy car to drive. It's a fun car to drive."

Watch INSIDE EDITION take a test drive of the Lamborghini LP 550.

Bieber's behavior is dominating the news. INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret appeared on CNN, saying, "He's doing thuggish behavior, trying to get atention. To us, it looks like he's spiralling out of control."

And we're learning more about Bieber's sexy 21-year-old companion, Chantel Jeffries, who was riding shotgun when Bieber was busted. She's no stranger to trouble herself.


This mugshot was taken after she was arrested for asault with a deadly weapon in 2011. The charge was dropped.

There was a reason Bieber was wearing a red jumpsuit in his mugshots and court appearance. Red indicates a high-profile prisoner who may need special protection from other inmates.

And Bieber's on-again off-again squeeze, Selena Gomez was besieged as she left a trendy Los Angeles restauarant. A reporter asked, "Are you going to be by his side when he gets out?"

No answer from Gomez. Looks like she'll have to think about that.