Wild Winter Wind Blowing Away Americans

Crown Point, Oregon might be the windiest place is the U.S. as record gusts topped 122 miles per hour. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

One guy was standing or trying to, in what just might be the windiest place in America. A woman walking behind him was blown over. It happened in Crown Point, Oregon this weekend. Wind gusts topped 122 miles per hour

The stunning vista is over the Columbia River Gorge, popular with tourists. However, if you visit at this time of year prepare to be blown away.

Some women were lifted clean off their feet. It has happened before.  In 2010, reporter Keely Chalmers from Portland's KGW was blown over from the fierce wind.

The wind is funneled up the Columbia River Gorge with its steep cliffs and canyons and then shoots out at a bend in the river known as Crown Point which is 15 miles from Portland.

One guy's car door was ripped out of his hands and bent back the wrong way. He was left struggling to pull it closed.

Much of the nation is gripped this week by the polar vortex.

On the Today show, Al Roker said, "Another piece of the polar vortex is pushing down bring in cold air from Dakotas to Florida."

The polar vortex is back with a vengeance this week bringing snow to the deep South.

Temperatures in Minneapolis will plunge to a bone chilling minus 43 degrees Tuesday. In Milwaukee and Chicago it'll feel like -23.

Mother Nature is showing us no mercy this winter.