Russell Wilson Shares Excitement With INSIDE EDITION

Ahead of the biggest game of his career, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson spoke to his aunt, an INSIDE EDITION correspondent April Woodard.

Russell Wilson is a superstar—the quarterback who led the Seattle Seahawks to the Super Bowl—but to INSIDE EDITION’s April Woodard, he's her nephew Russ, and she is his Aunt April!

April told him, “You're going to do so well, I’m so proud of you!”

Five days before he takes the field for the biggest game of his life, she spent precious time catching up with the kid she used to babysit.

She showed Russell some baby photos of him. She said, “This is so surreal, being here with you. How are you feeling?”

He said, “I feel great. I really believe we can win the game.”

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Russell is her older brother Harrison’s son. Harrison died in 2010 from diabetes. It's heartbreaking to the family that he didn't get to see Russell play in the Super Bowl.

She asked, “What do you think Harry, your dad, would say?”

Russell replied, “He would say ‘Go get ‘em!’ He always believed in me.”

Russell's dad actually played for the San Diego Chargers in just one pre-season game in 1980. April found an old game ball from those days in her parent's house and it was a signed by the entire team.

"This is pretty special, especially before the Super Bowl,” said Russell.

April also had another surprise for Russell—it was a sweet message from Woodard’s mom, Lucy, Russell’s grandma!

In a video, Lucy said, “We are so proud of your sweetheart. We want you to play well in the Super Bowl! Go Hawks!”

April’s children Adrian and Alek idolize their cousin. Adrian is the spitting image of him. Even though they were in a cramped hotel room, they couldn't resist throwing a football around.

April is a very proud of her nephew Russell.