Alec Baldwin Furious Over Claims His Baby Was Searched At Airport

Alec Baldwin says his five-month-old daughter was searched by security at an airport, and he's not keeping quiet about it. INSIDE EDITION has the scoop.

The hot-tempered Alec Baldwin is furious because he says his little girl was actually searched by TSA agents as the family flew back from vacation.

The trouble erupted when Baldwin, his wife, Hilaria and their daughter, Carmen, were returning from the Bahamas on Monday.

Baldwin just tweeted: "Flying from Nassau, Bahamas 2 NY. TSA 'random selects' my 5 month old daughter 4 a pat down. I am not kidding."

Baldwin used the hashtag "#travelinginusisadisgrace."

Back home in ice-cold New York, Baldwin didn't want to talk about the incident Tuesday as he left his apartment. Hilaria wasn't much more talkative, saying only, "Nice to see you guys. It's a cold day. Stay warm."

But a TSA spokesman told INSIDE EDITION he had serious questions about Baldwin's story.

"We do not have TSA agents outside the 50 United States and U.S. territories," he said. "There are no TSA agents in the Bahamas. These aren't TSA procedures. We would never pat down a child that age."

Up until the incident, the Baldwins had been having a great vacation. They posted this video of Hilaria and their adorable daughter chuckling.

Hilaria's Instagram page features a surfside video.


Once the baby search was over, the Baldwins say they boarded the flight and Hilaria did a yoga pose in the aisle of the plane. Check out the expressions of the other passengers in the first-class section.

Baldwin and airlines do not mix well. You'll recall the 30 Rock star's infamous run-in with American Airlines in 2011, when he was kicked of a plane because he wouldn't turn his phone off. He was too engrossed in a game of Words With Friends.

Now, this latest airport drama for the volatile star.