Former Residents Flee, Claiming House Is Haunted

INSIDE EDITION reports on the strange goings-on in a house that residents claim is haunted. Is it really a portal to Hell, or a hoax?

It looks like an average house in the American Heartland, but according to the people who lived there, it's a portal to Hell.

The address is on Carolina Street in the city of Gary, Indiana. Not far from there is the house where Michael Jackson grew up.

INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney reports from the scene on what proof there is that the house is a portal to Hell.

Looking at the front window, it can be seen that there's nobody there. A photo that was taken during the police investigation of the strange goings-on at this address when the house was supposed to be empty, shows a mysterious white figure in the window.

Thirty-two-year-old LaToya Ammons lived there with her three young children. She found the situation so serious that, she went to the police with the jaw-dropping claim that: "The home is possessed and that demons are throwing the boys against the walls."

She says one of her children was actually levitated over the bed, like the possessed child in the movie The Exorcist.

Police are taking the matter seriously. They taped an interview with LaToya's mom as she showed how a religious object came hurtling through the air in the basement.

According to reports, swarms of flies invaded the home, as they did in the film The Amityville Horror.

And listening to a sound that cannot be explained by police who investigated the mysterious goings-on, while two cops are talking in the basement, someone can be heard  saying "Hey." It's in the police report: "The unknown voice whispers, 'Hey' into the digital voice recorder."

A social worker touched a cabinet that seeped a strange oil with her pinky and the finger turned white. After that, she refused to come back to the house.

A local priest, Father Michael Maginot was asked to investigate. He  performed several exorcisms on LaToya Ammons.

McInerney asked Father Maginot, "Do you believe that the family was possessed?"

"Yes, I do. There was diabolical influence," replied Father Maginot.

The family that lived there fled in terror and refused to return to the place that has come to be known as the portal to Hell. Did these strange events really happen? Or is this all a big a hoax? 

Tomorrow we'll try to get those answers when we speak exclusively to the family.