Dirty Super Bowl Motel Rooms

Broncos and Seahawks fans are arriving in the New York area checking into the rooms they rented when their teams clinched a spot in the Super Bowl. Many paid top dollar but when Lisa Guerrero and the I-Squad pulled back the sheets, they found that some

Broncos and Seahawks fans are arriving in the New York area.  Many paid top dollar but when Lisa Guerrero and the I-squad pulled back the sheets they found some hotels are charging super-sized rates for filthy rooms over Super Bowl weekend.

We found many hotels near MetLife Stadium in New Jersey are charging guests up to 10 times the normal price. But what are you paying for?

INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero checked into more than a dozen hotels and found some things that might gross you out.

Watch the investigation of Dirty Super Bowl Motel Rooms.

The La Quinta Inn and Suites in Secaucus, New Jersey, is just 10 minutes from the stadium.  The regular nightly rate is typically $129.00. But on Super Bowl Sunday watch out; the price is $1,299 a night.

An I-Squad producer asked the clerk, “Wow, that's expensive. Why, just?”

“The Super Bowl!” responded the clerk.  

For that price you'd expect a four star room, right?  But Guerrero found a cigarette burn on a chair in the room she checked into.  That's not all, a long hair was left on the hotel's stationary. And even worse, she found hairs in the bed.

“For $1,400 a night they could at least get all of the hairs off the sheets,” said Guerrero.

At a Rodeway Inn chain it's normally $80 a night, but during Super Bowl weekend it’s a sky-high $560 a night!  After pulling back the bed spread we found more hairs, even on the pillow!

 “That's not good,” said Guerrero.

The grossest thing we found was black mold in the shower.

“Even the buttons on the elevator are disgusting!” said Guerrero.

But of all the hotels we visited, the Royal Motel in Jersey City was the worst.  Rooms at this Secaucus, NJ motel are typically priced at $85. But this weekend the rate has jumped up to $500.

An I-Squad producer asked the clerk at the front desk: “$500 for one night, just because?”

“The Super Bowl!” said the clerk.

So what do you get for $500?

In the room rented to Guerrero, she found a disgusting dead bug wrapped in hairs in the bathroom window sill.  She also found stains galore, a hole in the wall, a broken drawer, even remnants of drug use behind a dresser!  

We also spotted a bunch of old mattresses leaned up against the dumpster in the parking lot. We had to wonder why they were throwing them all out.

We showed the manager all the problems we found. Guerrero said, “There's filth all along this base board. How can you explain how dirty this is? And then there's this, really?”
The manager apologized and said they clean the rooms regularly.  

Of all the hotels we visited, the Holiday Inn Express in North Bergen, NJ was large and clean, and it’s only eight minutes away from the stadium.

But a single night there on Super Bowl weekend is almost $1,000! This, for a room that's typically goes for $120.

But there is better news for those who waited - rates have been dropping big time, and nearly half of the hotels in the area say they have vacancies.