Mother Details Haunted House Horrors

Latoya Ammons tells INSIDE EDITION the house she was living in with her young children was haunted with demons.

It's the house that's getting worldwide attention as the "Portal to Hell." And now, the woman whose family lived through the drama is speaking exclusively to INSIDE EDITION.

Latoya Ammons fought back tears as she told INSIDE EDITION's Diane McInerney how she says demons infested the humble house she shared with her three young children in Gary, Indiana.


"It was horrible," exclaimed Ammons.

"What did the demon sound like?" asked McInerney.

" 'We've waited five months!' Very deep, like a man. It sounded like something dead," said Ammons.

She says she anointed the rooms with holy oil and read aloud from the Bible, but the nightmare went on and on, and in a scene straight out of The Exorcist, she says her daughter was levitated right off her bed!

"She raised up off the bed and he snatched her off the bed. We had to pull her back from something we couldn't even see," she described in horror.

Hear More Details About the Hauted House in Indiana

If this sounds far-fetched, consider the photo taken when police were called to investigate. The house was empty. So what was a mysterious figure doing in the window?

And a sound was heard that cannot be explained by police who looked into the mysterious goings-on. While two cops are talking in the basement, someone can be heard saying "Hey."

And brace yourself for what she says happened to her son when she took him to the hospital. It's right out of the movie Poltergeist.

"He walked up the wall and did a backwards flip," she said.

McInerney asked, "How did everyone in the hospital react to that?"

Ammons said, "They took off. They ran. The doctor from the psychiatric ward said, no human can do that, what that little boy just did."

Enter Father Michael Maginot, a local priest who actually performed exorcisms on the house and the family.

McInerney asked Maginot, "You believe you were witnessing a demon right there."

"Yes. He was trying to stop me," said Maginot.

"Did you believe this house was the portal to Hell?" asked McInerney.

Magino confirmed, "There was a portal."

Latoya Ammons moved out of the house and now lives many miles away. She knows her story is hard to believe.

McInerney said to Ammons, "Some people say you made this all up, that it's an elaborate hoax. Is it a hoax?"

Ammons confirmed, "No. I don't believe that someone would have a reason to make up a story like this. We almost lost our lives."