Super Bowl Ad Controversy

They haven't hit the airwaves yet,  but some Super Bowl commercials are already causing a stir. INSIDE EDITION  has the details.

Who would have thought the Super Bowl ad featuring Scarlett Johansson would lead to so much controversy. The ad is for Soda Stream, a machine that allows you to make your own soda at home.

Because one of its factories is located in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, the charity Oxfam, for which Johansson is an ambassador, is boycotting the company.

Now, Johansson is resigning from Oxfam, citing "a fundamental difference of opinon."

USA Today's Laura Petrecca told INSIDE EDITION, "Every year there's a controversy involving Super Bowl ads and a big reason for that is because they're on a high-profile stage."

A charming Cheerio's ad featuring a bi-racial family is also causing a stir. It wasn't the ad itself, but a tweet sent out by an MSNBC employee that had republicans in an uproar when the employee tweeted: "Maybe the rightwing will hate it, but everyone else will go awww..."

The tweet infuriated the Republican National Committee, which responded: "This kind of attack on the millions of Americans who identify with the political right is offensive and unacceptable."

MSNBC anchor Ari Melber read a full apology from the network's president that included the statement: "We have dismissed the person responsible for the tweet."

A Budweiser ad called Best Buds is melting hearts. It features an adorable puppy and a Budweiser Clydesdale who can't stand being apart.

"It's a great musical track in the background of this ad and they're giving animals human characteristics. The animals are almost feeling romantic and fun towards each other. Viewers really tend to like that."

A colorful ad from Toyota packs a band of Muppets into an SUV.

And Volkswagen, always a contender for best commercial, borrows a line from the classic movie, It's  A Wonderful Life: "Everytime a Volkswagen hits 100,000 miles, a German engineer gets his wings."

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