Former Raiderettes Reveal Cheerleading Handbook Details

INSIDE EDITION spoke to former Oakland Raiders cheerleaders about the just leaked top-secret handbook that the ladies must abide by.

INSIDE EDITION is learning details about what it's like to be an Oakland Raiders cheerleader from their just leaked top secret handbook and you won't believe what's expected of the Raiderettes.

Rule No. 8: "A Raiderette risks punishment for wearing curlers on the way to work."
Rule No. 9: "No chewing gum."  

While it's not forbidden to fraternize with players, rule No. 11 said: "We strongly prefer you do not date any of the players."
The super secret handbook was made public after Lacey T., a Raiderette from last season, filed a class action lawsuit against the Raiders claiming the team violates state labor laws paying them less than minimum wage.

Chandra Roberts a former Raiderette told INSIDE EDITION, “We feel the suit does not represent us. It represents one lady who had a bad experience.”

Hear More From the Raiderettes

The handbook was offered as evidence that the squad is mistreated, but three former Raiderettes say that's not true. In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive they say the handbook, which includes a rule on how a Raiderette should fold her napkin at dinner, is a good thing.

Former Raiderette Erica Arana said, “This handbook is our Bible. This tells us everything we need to know to be a Raiderette.”
INSIDE EDITION’s Jim Moret asked, “Do you think the handbook has unfair regulations?”

Nicole Rodrigues, a former Raiderette, replied, “It's to make sure you are being responsible.”

The Raiders aren't commenting on the lawsuit but there has been big reaction to the handbook. The Los Angeles Times calls it "patronizing and insulting to women."
Moret said, “The lawsuit made it sound like this is a system of punishment.”

Rodrigues said, “No, it's get to practice, wear the right things, bring your poms, be a responsible adult.”