Did Amanda Knox Ex-Boyfriend Make A Desperate Attempt to Stay Out Of Prison?

INSIDE EDITION speaks with a young Idaho woman who claims Raffaele Sollecito was ready to marry her in order to stay out of prison.

Kelsey Kay says she's a woman both scorned and used by Amanda Knox's ex-boyfriend in his desperate attempt to stay out of prison. Kay is enraged at Raffaele Sollecito, who was re-convicted along with Amanda for the murder of Meredith Kercher.

Kay told INSIDE EDITION, "I felt like something he used and threw away when I was no longer useful."

This Idaho woman believes he wanted to marry her so he could get a Green Card, stay in America, and avoid deportation to Italy.

Star magazine first broke the story under the headline: "A Desperate Affair."

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "When did the idea of getting married first come up and what was said about it."

"He said it to me over the phone the very first conversation we ever had. The very same day I met him online," said Kay.

Boyd asked, "Wow! He was just upfront, saying 'I really like you. I'd like to marry you'?"

Kay replied, "No. He made a joke. He made a joke about how he needed to marry an American citizen, and kind of made it sound funny."

One week after they met online, he came to visit Kelsey Kay. In a text message obtained by Radaronline.com dated December 9th, Sollecito wrote Kelsey Kay: "I'm thinking that if the mariage with you would have some chance as a Plan B, I'll go for it."

Nine days later, Sollecito seemed to be getting cold feet, texting: "Basically marrying you doesn't protect me by Italians."

Kay said, "I asked him directly if he was seeing someone, and three times he avoided the question. So, when he came out and told me, I just felt really lied to. Then he ended up saying something like, 'I only would have married you to save myself.' "

Sollecito has reportedly denied having ever proposed to Kay in order to get American citizenship, saying, "My interest for her was strong and I attempted to date and get to know her."

Kay told INSIDE EDITION, "I feel really stupid. I feel like a girl who fell for some crap and I'm a smart young lady and I should have been smarter."