Gabby Douglas Ready For Super Bowl Sunday

INSIDE EDITION's special Super Bowl correspondent Gabby Douglas is in the middle of the action and ready for game day.

INSIDE EDITION's special Super Bowl correspondent Gabby Douglas met up with the Seattle Seahawks cheerleaders who took over the ballroom of the New Yorker Hotel.

One of the SeaGals, as they are called, has a full-time job that might surprise you.

Douglas asked Alicia Quaco, "You're a SeaGal, but you have another title?"

Quaco answered, "Yes. When I'm not a SeaGal, I am First Lieutenant Alicia Quoco."

That's right, Quaco is also on active duty in the Air Force. She said, "I definitely have two different lives. I work during the day with the Air Force. Then, I practice at night and on the weekends with the SeaGals."

Gabby Douglas was givien a lesson in cheerleading and she took to it like the gold medal champ that she is. Ever competitive, she thought she could have done better.

Watch Douglas Perform With the SeaGals!

Douglas said, "That dance was so hard. The steps, and there's so much movement and you've got to put the diva into it."

After all those concerns about the Super Bowl turning into the Ice Bowl, the forecast for game day is looking pretty good. It's still expected to be in the 40s at kickoff, so Douglas is ready for anything. Nike sent over cold weather gear that's the latest in high-tech layering.

Douglas has another reason to cheer this weekend. The Lifetime TV network premieres The Gabby Douglas Story on Saturday night. It's the story of Douglas' journey from a poor background in Virginia Beach to her crowning achievement  at the 2012 Summer Olympics.

Gabby is played by two young actresses, one when she's as a little girl and another as the gold medal-winning Gabby.

From the Olympics to the Super Bowl, three cheers for Gabby!