Peter Cook Responds to Christie Brinkley's Criticisms

Christie Brinkley's ex-husband, Peter Cook is telling INSIDE EDITION what he really thinks of her recent interview in People magazine.

"Lies! Lies! Lies!" Cook said.

Peter Cook is blasting his ex-wife, Christie Brinkley, after she attacked him in that People magazine cover story, "Christie at 60," which features the former supermodel still looking stunning as she hits the big 6-0.

INSIDE EDITION caught up with Cook at his home in a ritzy area of Long Island. Cook explained, "She went on national TV claiming that I had been diagnosed a malignant narcissist, which is completely untrue. I was never diagnosed with anything. She sued me for being a deadbeat dad, which is proven in court to be untrue.”

Christie and Cook squared off in 2008 amid allegations that he cheated on her with his 18-year-old personal assistant.

“And now, she's claiming that she won some kind of a settlement from me due, in part, to my heavy handedness with the children. It's absurd. They're all lies! Lies! Lies!" Cook said.