Super Bowl Becomes Surprise Family Affair For One Seattle Mom

Following the viral video of Mike Harris surprising his mom with Super Bowl tickets, INSIDE EDITION met up with the thrilled duo to see their Seattle Seahawks get ready for victory.

Vicky Harris is no ordinary Seahawks fan who enjoyed the sweet taste of victory. Her journey to the Super Bowl started with one unforgettable moment.

Vicky’s son, Mike, surprised her with tickets to the big game, a moment so touching that it went viral last week on YouTube.

INSIDE EDITION was with Vicky and her son at the Super Bowl. Mike described the first time he saw his mom on TV.  

Watch as the Harris Family Celebrates at the Super Bowl!

He said, "I turn on the TV to INSIDE EDITION! There was my mom!"

Inside MetLife Stadium, even with the Seahawks well on their way to a huge win, Vicky didn't want to miss a single play.

As the game clock counted down, emotion overcame Vicky, her son Mike, and Seahawks fans everywhere.