'I Quit' Ranks Among Top Super Bowl Commercials

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Gwen Dean, the woman from the GoDaddy.com Super Bowl ad where she announced to the world she is quitting her job.

One woman spoke the words so many people dream of saying and she did it in super style!

It happened during the Super Bowl, when 36-year-old Gwen Dean, a machine engineer from New York, popped up in a commercial with actor John Turturro. But she's not an actress, and the words she spoke are totally real.

Turturro said in the ad, “Let's talk about dreams, and the people who choose to pursue them! She's got a message for her boss, Ted, who's watching the game right now."

Dean the said, "Hi, Ted. I quit!"

Turturro replied, "She just quit her job."

Dean responded, “Yup!”

"In front of a hundred million people," said Turturro.

Dean then had these parting words, "Ciao, baby!"

The ad was for GoDaddy.com, which helped Dean set up her new business, PuppetsByGwen.com.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd asked, "After it aired, you actually emailed your boss and gave him two weeks' notice?"

Dean said, "Correct."

Boyd asked, "What was his reaction?"

"’Oh wow,’ he texted me. He found it incredible, he congratulated me, he was laughing and laughing,” she said.

Meanwhile, a Budweiser ad called "Puppy Love" was rated the best Super Bowl commercial in a USA Today survey.

Laura Petrecca, New York City Deputy Bureau Chief of USA Today told INSIDE EDITION, “That ad was a triple threat. Cute animals, a fantastic song and all-American imagery."

The runner-up was an ad called "Cowboy Kid,” showing a little boy lassoing a bag of Doritos from his big brother.

Petrecca said, "Cowboy Kid did really well because it showed competition, which tied in with the Super Bowl."

What ads really succeed at the Super Bowl?

Petrecca said, "You have to tell a story, or pull at people's heartstrings."

Or give them a vicarious thrill, with words like Gwen Dean’s, “I quit!”