Dr. Oz Speaks On Alarming Heroin Epidemic

Dr. Oz speaks with INSIDE EDITION about the rising heroin epidemic and the lethal mix that could have led to the death of Philip Seymour Hoffman.

A lethal new heroin cocktail that may have cost Philip Seymour Hoffman his life.

Cops are investigating whether the doomed star shot up with heroin containing fentanyl, a super-powerful painkiller often prescribed to cancer patients.

TV's Dr. Oz told INSIDE EDITION, "You put these two together, it is like napalm."

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Heroin laced with fentanyl has caused 37 recent deaths in Maryland, 22 in Pennsylvania, 13 in Rhode Island. Fentanyl is 100 times more powerful than morphine.

Dr. Oz, "Heroin itself is deadly. If you superpower, or turbocharge heroin with fentanyl it's even more deadly."

The lethal heroin-fentanyl mix is just one part of a much larger heroin epidemic. With street prices as low as $6 a bag in some cities, heroin use is mushrooming across the U.S., especially among young people.

Just six months ago, Glee star Cory Monteith died from a combination of heroin and alcohol.

More than 70 bags of heroin were discovered in Phillip Seymour Hoffman's Manhattan apartment. Some were branded "Ace of Spades." There are other labels.

Lisa Lazzari-Strasiser, the District Attorney of Somerset County, Pennsylvania, said at a press conference, pointing to a pile of heroin, "This is $156,000 worth of heroin. This one is has stamp "Ciroc" which is a specialty vodka. This one has a stamp "Red Hot."

Different names, same lethal risk.