"Puppy Love" Budweiser Ad Still Stealing Hearts After Super Bowl

INSIDE EDITION tracked down one of the Golden Labs that stole America's heart during the Super Bowl.

Stella is one of the adorable puppies from the top-rated Super Bowl ad that broke hearts across America.

She's a Golden Lab and she was just 10 weeks old when the Budweiser ad was shot last month on a horse ranch in Southern California. INSIDE EDITION caught up with her today in a park in Oregon. She has grown very much in four weeks.

Eight puppies and 17 horses actually appear in the ad, which shows the sweet friendship between a pup and a Clydesdale.

INSIDE EDITION spoke with dog trainer Karin McElhatton, who said, "They were not afraid to the horses. The whole world is new to a puppy, so the horse is just one more wonderful new thing."

The biggest challenge for the animal trainers was getting the horse to nuzzle noses with a puppy. They actually presented the horses with a stuffed bunny to get the shot.