Bride Has Heart Attack On Wedding Night, Forgets Her Big Day

Just hours after her storybook wedding, one bride lost all memory of her big day. INSIDE EDITION was there to recreate a wedding she'll never forget.

It was their dream wedding. Amanda and Cody Karth were friends from childhood who fell in love as adults. They married 10 months ago.

Cody said, "It was fabulous. It was everything you could ever want in a wedding and it was the best day of my life.'

But ask Amanda about the wedding, and you'll get quite a different answer. She said, “I don't remember the wedding day at all. The one day that every girl dreams of, I don't remember.”  

Twenty-seven-year-old Amanda can't remember walking down the aisle. Not their first dance, nor the playful smearing of the first slice of cake. Nothing. That's because just hours after the celebrations were over, Amanda suffered cardiac arrest. Her heart completely stopped beating. Technically, she was dead.

What was supposed to be their first blissful night as man and wife in room 213 of their honeymoon hotel turned into disaster when, just before sunrise, Cody woke up to find his young bride desperately gasping for breath.  

He said, “I just grabbed her, 'What's wrong? What's wrong? What's wrong?'”  

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Cody showed INSIDE EDITION how he carried Amanda’s lifeless body from the bed and frantically administered CPR while talking to 911. When paramedics arrived minutes later, she had no pulse. They shocked her back to life and raced her to the hospital.

The bride apparently suffered unusual medical phenomena called “Broken Heart Syndrome.” It is a condition where the heart muscle suddenly becomes dysfunctional.

Amanda laid unconscious for four days. Dr. Adam Frank of the NCH Heart Institute in Naples, Florida feared that she had suffered brain damage.

Dr. Adam Frank told INSIDE EDITION, “Amanda was about as close to death as you're going to get. I even told my wife, ‘I just don't know what to say. I don't know what to offer these people and what kind of outcome their going to see.’ And literally the next day I walked in to start rounds and Amanda was sitting up.”

It was a miracle, Amanda recovered quickly. But she never regained the memory of her wedding day. It was as if the greatest day of her life had never happened. That's where INSIDE EDITION comes in.

We got together with the West Bay Club and invited Amanda and Cody’s family, closest friends and special new friends, the paramedics who helped save her life and we threw Amanda and Cody another wedding.

For Amanda, it was all new and perfect. Her first dance with Cody, a second time. A food fight with their wedding cake was a re-do. Only now, the memories will last a lifetime.