Four People Arrested In Connection With Philip Seymour Hoffman Drug Overdose Investigation

Police arrested four suspects for possibly supplying Philip Seymour Hoffman with heroin. Meanwhile, Hollywood reacts to the tragic loss of the respected actor.

Below is a photo of the dingy drug den where cops say Philip Seymour Hoffman bought heroin.

Cops raided the building in Lower Manhattan late Tuesday and busted four people who might have supplied the actor with the heroin that killed him.

Among the suspects is a well-known jazz musician, 57-year-old Robert Aaron, who has played with major stars like Mick Jagger, David Bowie and Amy Winehouse. He denies selling heroin to Hoffman.

Twenty-two-year-old Max Rosenblum was also arrested, along with his girlfriend, 22-year-old Juliana Luchkiw. They were charged with misdemeanor drug possession. They also deny selling heroin to Hoffman.
Cops raided the place after getting a tip that Philip Seymour Hoffman was seen there buying heroin as often as twice a week. Three hundred fifty bags of heroin were reportedly confiscated during the raid. A smashed-in doorknob can be seen where cops broke in.

A neighbor reportedly told cops Hoffman, "would show up and buy 'bundles' of the drug at a time."

The Oscar-winner was a regular at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting room near his apartment. A member of his AA group was quoted as saying: "He would speak sometimes. He might raise his hands and say something about what he was going through that day."

Hoffman's addiction clearly took a toll on his health. At the start of his career in the movie Scent Of A Woman, he was fresh-faced at age 24. But his preppy good looks faded fast. Just 10 years later he was playing a middle-aged villain in Mission Impossible. It was as if his addiction was sucking the life from him. He was just 46 when he died, but looked much older.

Dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer, author of Younger: The Breakthrough Anti-Aging Method for Radiant Skin told INSIDE EDITION, "Any abusive product is interfering with the flow of blood, nutrients, repair mechanisms. The pore structure changes. The color changes. People become sallow. They don't have that vibrant, alive look. They're actually preparing for the morgue."

Hoffman's friends are rallying around his young family. Actor Joaquin Phoenix was photographed visiting the actor's longtime girlfriend, Mimi O'Donnell and their three children. Ethan Hawke also stopped by.

At the Monuments Men premiere in New York last night, Hoffman's shocking death was on George Clooney's mind.

George Clooney said, "He was a friend. He was a friend to a lot of people in this community. It's so hard to think of him not being here and it's hard to understand. And it feels senseless in a lot of ways."

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Bill Murray said, "I don't know what his pain was. I'm sorry he had all that pain and I'm sorry he died the way he did."

Matt Damon said, "He was one of the best actors that ever lived, without a doubt."

Hoffman's private funeral is scheduled for Thursday.