After 25 Years Police Say Tiffany Sessions Disappearance Solved

Twenty five years after college student Tiffany Sessions went missing, police are now saying who they believe abducted her. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

It was a tragic missing person case that mystified America when pretty University of Florida student Tiffany Sessions disappeared while out jogging and was never seen again.  

Now, exactly 25 years later, police say the case is solved. Investigators say serial killer Paul Rowles, abducted and murdered Tiffany.

At a press conference, Alachua County Sheriff Sadie Darnell said, “Paul Rowles has a horrible history of violent crime against women, murder, rape, kidnapping.”

Rowles died in prison a year ago. That is when police found an address book he used as a diary in his prison cell. He wrote the date “2/9/89,” the day Tiffany disappeared, and “#2” indicating she was his second victim.

Tiffany's father, Patrick, says its compelling evidence, “I am really excited. It is amazing after 25 years, it looks like we solved this case.”
Tiffany's disappearance in 1989 triggered a massive search. Tiffany's wealthy dad recruited prominent friends like Jeb Bush, who later become Governor of Florida, to keep the case in the public eye.

In 1989, Bush said, “When a friend asks you for help in something like this, it's like an obligation.”

Tiffany's mother spoke to INSIDE EDITION in 1989 saying, "I want her back." Now, 25 years later, she told INSIDE EDITION, "I will go to my grave knowing he was the one."