Sochi Hotel Horrors Continue

More shocking photos are surfacing of the hotel conditions journalists are finding in Sochi for the Olympics. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

We're seeing more cringe-worthy photos posted by journalists at the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.

You've already seen the disgusting yellow tap water, and the bucket for used toilet paper. Now, a photo surfaced of a hallway littered with dozens of coat racks, of all things.

Another photo showed a not-quite-finished hotel with power cables on the floor and panels dangling from the ceiling.  

These two guys are pointing at a radiator installed high above their heads. The caption reads: "We put radiator in wrong place."

But the Today show's Matt Lauer, who's in Sochi for NBC's Olympics coverage says his   accommodations are just fine.

Lauer said on the Today show, "We've got a pretty good situation. Our hotel is just fine. No complaints."

He must have a real good travel agent.

Here's the inside of a hotel toilet tank -- it's not even connected.

And this wire that looks disturbingly electric is hooked up to, of all things, a bathtub. Huh?

One reporter was shocked by what she found in a restroom, tweeting: "Who doesn't want to use a public restroom with completely mirrored ceilings?"

Sochi authorities are already under fire from animal lovers everywhere for rounding up and  exterminating all stray dogs.

It's all gold medal material for the late-night comedians.

Conan O'Brien joked, "Vistors to the Winter Olympics in Sochi are reporting horror stories of rooms without heat, hot water or working toilets. Which explains why these Olympics are being sponsored by Royal Caribbean cruises."