How to Transform Your Bathroom from Drab to Fab For $60

A bathroom makeover doesn't have to cost a fortune. INSIDE EDITION shows you how to give it a facelift for only $60.

INSIDE EDITION witnessed a bathroom transform from drab to fab-- all for 60 bucks! 

Entertainment blogger, Nicole Williams, moved in with her mother after Hurricane Sandy destroyed her home in Coney Island, New York.  Now, they share a small boring bathroom. “This is the kind of bathroom that I would never want for anyone,” explained Williams.

Nicole met up with lifestyle expert, Lloyd Boston, from the national discount chain, Family Dollar. Boston told INSIDE EDITION, “My number one tip for making over a bathroom is to try to find a theme or a color palette that you know you can live with.”

Boston started with a red rug for just $6.00. Boston said, “We’ll use this as a starting point and maybe we will find some prints and patterns to play off of this.” 

He showed Williams a four piece shower set that only cost $12.50. Boston suggested, “Maybe we can use this, it kind of plays back to the red.”

And they found a wall shelf with key-holders. Boston recommended, “When you are shopping for interiors, you want to think about unexpected ways to use things. Just like your necklaces, your jewelry, you may want to hang in the bathroom.”

See How the Brand New Bathroom Turned Out!

As they walked to the register, Williams said, “This was a lot of fun.”

“But this is the moment of truth,” said Boston as they take all of their items to the register. Grand total: $61.11.

“I think we did pretty good,” said Boston.

Williams responded, “I think we did awesome!”

Back at home, Boston got to work, carefully putting each item into place. Soon the makeover is complete.

He explained, “I believe in unexpected storage and really using what’s around the home if you don’t have a lot of money to buy new items. She had these little clean bud-vases and for everyday items that are always in front of you, why not give them their own little compartments?"

INSIDE EDITION got to see Williams’ bathroom before and after. What did Williams and her mother think? Williams’ mother exclaimed, “I don’t believe it! This is beautiful!”  

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