New Details About the Michael Dunn Shooting

INSIDE EDITION reports on the latest details from the fatal shooting of a Florida teen after a dispute over loud music.

Shocking surveillance video show gun shots taking place right outside a gas station as a witness inside the store said, "Oh my god, somebody's shooting!"

An individual who called 911 was heard saying, "May I please have the ambulance? Somebody's been shot!"

The shooter was 47-year-old software developer, Michael Dunn. He said what happened outside the Florida gas station was an act of pure self-defense. Others call it outright murder.

Dunn had just left his son's wedding in November, 2012, when he and his girlfriend, stopped at a gas station in Jacksonville, Florida. Loud music was coming from a red SUV. Four black teenagers were in the vehicle. Dunn asked them to turn the music down. Dunn explained, "I said would you guys mind turning that down? And uh, they shut it off."

But the next minute, the music was loud again. An angry exchange of words ensued. That's when Dunn claimed he saw something pointed at him from inside the SUV. Dunn said, “It was either a barrel, or a stick. But sir, they are like, ‘We're gonna kill you.’"

Dunn said he grabbed a handgun from his glove compartment, and fired 8 shots into the SUV. 17-year-old high school senior, Jordan Davis, was killed as he sat in the back seat. 

Dunn said, "I'm at a loss to justify what I did on the second volley, other than saying, I thought they were going to be shooting back."

In the surveillance video, Dunn's girlfriend can be seen, wearing a black skirt, running out of the store when she hears the shots.

But it's what happened after the fatal encounter that could come back to haunt Michael Dunn during his murder trial. Instead of sticking around until the police arrived, Dunn left the scene and went back to his hotel.

The prosecutor in the case may look familiar; he also prosecuted George Zimmerman. The trial of Michael Dunn is reopening old wounds in a state still healing from the Trayvon Martin shooting, especially since police found no weapons in the red SUV.

Star Jones said, “Basically what he was saying is Dunn had a right to take this kid’s life. A right to take his life because he was a young black dude and in Dunn’s mind that means threatening.”   

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent caught up with Jordan Davis' heartbroken mother, Lucy McBath.Trent asked McBath, "When you hear how the defense is trying to work this case; how they are trying to make it sound that your son were a thug, what do you think of that? How tough is that for a parent to sit in on that?”  

McBath responded, "That's what the defense is supposed to do. We're prepared for that. We know who Jordan was and that’s all that really matters.”