Liar for Hire

Inside Edition reports on an unusual way to make a living. Call them liars for hire…people who get paid to lie to someone else. Lisa Guerrero and the I-Squad show how they work.

Tim Green is a liar for hire.  He’ll say just about anything for a price.   He specializes in giving bogus job references but he’ll lie for other reasons too. Many call Green looking for an alibi while cheating on a spouse.     

His company, Paladin Deception located outside Minneapolis, is one of many companies you can find online that's willing to lie for cash but Green says he's not doing anything wrong.

INSIDE EDITION’s Lisa Guerrero asked Green, “Some of these clients are cheating on their spouse and they need your reference to give them an alibi, correct?”

“Yes, that is correct,” answered Green.

“Isn't that kind of sleazy?” asked Guerrero.

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“Not at all. One time I was asked how does it feel to be a marriage wrecker, by providing that reference? Who knows, maybe we saved a marriage,” said Green.

Green does have some rules. For example, he says he won't provide a bogus reference for: law enforcement, fire departments, any government employment or education.

But would Green's company give a reference for a sex offender to work with children? To find out we did a little deception of our own. Our producer called and left the company a message saying he needed a bogus reference for tutoring children.   

Green called back and sent our producer a form to fill out.  But instead of using the producer’s name we wrote down the name of an actual sex offender with his address, date of birth, and physical description. Information that Green could have easily checked out.  

Then, Guerrero gave Paladin Deception a call, posing as the owner of a company that tutors children. She  asked for a reference for the “sex offender” and  shockingly was offered an outstanding recommendation.  

 “So, you say he was great with kids and enthusiastic of working with children and the children liked him,” Guerrero reiterated on the phone.

Four days later, Guerrero met with Green and told him about our own deception.   

Guerrero told Green, "We gave you the information of a registered sex offender and you gave that sex offender a glowing recommendation to work with kids. How do you explain that?"

“I'm not aware of the case,” replied Green.

“Tim, you have kids, “Guerrero responded.  “How furious would you be someone provided a reference for one of your kids to be tutored by a sex offender?”

“Is this interview going to kind of run into lashing out at the company?” Green asked.

“I'm asking you a simple question, you are providing a service that could put a dangerous person in connection with children,” said Guerrero. “Do you do background checks on your clients?”

“I'll say no more,” said Green.

Nonetheless, Green has no intention to stop and tells us business is booming.

 “We help clients every day and I'm fine with that, Green stated.  “You can ridicule us, you can condemn us, you can judge us. I'm certainly ok with that.”

“So, you're upset that a deception company was deceived?” asked Guerrero.

“No, not at all. Do I look upset? I'm not upset?” said Green.