Olympic Chaos Continues

From breaking down doors to wardrobe malfunctions, the Winter Olympics in Sochi continue to be full of surprises. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

Chaos continues at the Olympics!

American bobsledder Johnny Quinn actually had to break through a jammed bathroom door at the Olympic village. He skyped with INSIDE EDITION today.


Quinn explained, "I pushed, I pulled. I messed with the top part of the door frame, the bottom part, anything I could do to kind of wiggle the door loose, but nothing was happening."

It happened after Quinn took a shower. When he tried to get out of the bathroom, the lock on the door wouldn't give.

"I hit it pretty good, and it cracked. I wind back and I hit even harder, and my fist goes through the door. So, I pulled my hand out and I could see daylight from the room. At that point, I said it's time to get out of here," said Quinn.

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander spoke to ABC News correspondent Matt Gutman, who's in Sochi covering the Winter Olympics for World News with Diane Sawyer.

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Alexander asked, "We hear about these difficult conditions, these sanitary problems. But now, we're also hearing stories from the athletes themselves."

Guttman said, "There was a British bobsledder who almost walked into an open elevator shaft. There's a lot of these stories about bobsledders getting into trouble. We're not sure what the deal is with bobsledders."

And get this—Johnny Quinn just tweeted a photo of his attempt to pry open elevator doors, tweeting: "No one is going to believe this but we just got stuck in an elevator."

American figure skater Ashley Wagner became an internet sensation with her look of total disgust at her low score in the team figure skating event

Remember gymnast McKayla Maroney from the 2012 London Olympics' Fab Five? Her "not impressed" face was spoofed everywhere, even by the president. Now, Ashley's expression is popping up everywhere. She appeared on the Today show Monday where Savannah Guthrie said, "I think it's fair to say you don't have a poker face."

Wagner laughed and said, "No, not at all. I wear my heart on my sleeve."

The Russian police choir's performance of "Get Lucky" at the opening ceremonies has gone viral. They've even made their own video of it.

And, it was a wardrobe malfunction of Olympic proportions when a Russian speedskater celebrated  winning the bronze by unzipping her skintight racing suit all the way down to her belly button. Apparently, she thought she had an undershirt on. Whoops!

Guttman said, "She felt very embarrassed afterwards, which was even more endearing. But she's totally loved by the Russians. Maybe even more so now."