Dina Lohan Looks To Turn Back Time

INSIDE EDITION follows Dina Lohan as she starts a new chapter in her life.

Lindsay Lohan's mom, Dina, recently turned 51, and for the first time the single mother of four from Long Island, New York, is going to be an empty nester.
Dina told INSIDE EDITION, “Looking in the mirror, you have to do something."

Dina invited INSIDE EDITION along on her mission to turn back time, and get into shape at the gym and having some cosmetic procedures. All so she can feel ready to date again.

Dina has targeted her problem areas. She listed what she wants done, “Definitely my stomach, the old back side."

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Orlando Gonzalez, a sports medicine doctor, puts Dina through a body toning regiment at Life Mod Gym in Jersey City to tighten the tummy, strengthen her arms, and firm up her glutes.

Exercise isn't enough. So, Dina stopped by New York cosmetic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman. Botox will help eliminate those worry lines on her forehead and around her eyes. Dr. Schulman then injects filler around Dina's mouth and above her cheek bone.

Next, Dina gets ready for something called derma sculpting. Using a surgical knife, the procedure literally shaves off a layer of dead dry skin from Dina's face. It was followed up with a chemical peel.

Now, Dina says she is hoping to be swept off her feet. Who knows maybe even in time for Valentine’s Day?