A Plea Deal for Joran van der Sloot?

Is there a plea deal in the works for Joran van der Sloot? Some published reports say the Dutchman is trying to cut a deal in exchange for information about Natalee Holloway's fate. INSIDE EDITION has more.

Video captured the chaotic scene in Peru as Joran van der Sloot was hustled into court to be charged with murder.

There were shouts of "Animal!" and "Murderer!" and some in the crowd threw rotting vegetables.

But published reports say he may serve as little as nine years in prison.

Van der Sloot is trying to cut a deal with Peruvian authorities in return for a guilty plea that will also reveal what happened to Natalee Holloway.  

Prosecutors may accept the deal rather than risk van der Sloot's confession to murdering 21-year-old Stephanie Flores being thrown out. His lawyers claim it was coerced.

But criminal profiler Pat Brown told INSIDE EDITION she doesn't think there will be a plea deal.
Brown said, "I just can't believe the Peruvians would go for that, I mean this man killed one of their own in a horrible, brutal attack. Why should they give him a break?"

A Peruvian police general says van der Sloot will not receive any type of leniency or plea bargain in exchange for information about Natalee Holloway.