Sarah Palin Makes Moose Chili For INSIDE EDITION

Sarah Palin invited INSIDE EDITION to her home in Alaska for her 50th birthday, and a look at the life she loves in Wasilla.

Sarah Palin invited INSIDE EDITION along exclusively as she celebrates her 50th birthday and does what she loves best—winter sports in her home town of Wasilla, Alaska.

Sarah welcomed Jim Moret, saying, "Hi INSIDE EDITION, I'm so happy you are here with me in my own backyard, majestic Alaska."

Moret said to Sarah, "You said, 'Come on up to Alaska. It's beautiful!' You didn't say minus seven degrees."

"Is that all it is?" replied Sarah.

Moret went behind-the-scenes as Sarah filmed her upcoming reality show on The Sportsman Channel, Amazing America with Sarah Palin.

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"This is my home man. This is the real Palin environment I've grown up in," said Sarah.

After a cold day of snowmobiling and mushing, they were ready for a hot dinner. Inside her Wasilla home, Sarah served up some typical Alaskan fare.
Moret asked, "What's for dinner?"

Sarah answered, "The usual, moose chili, caribou hotdogs, caribou sausage. Oh, in the chili--a little bit of bear just to spice it up. Not a mamma grizzly, though."
That's right, the former vice presidential candidate seasons her moose chili with black bear meat.

"It spices it a little bit up, doesn't it?" she asked.

"I've never had moose," said Moret.

"Oh that's right. You have nothing to compare it to," noted Sarah.

"But it's delicious," said Moret.

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Palin's daughter, Piper was there and we had to ask what the 12-year-old thinks of her mom running for national political office again.

Moret asked, "Piper, what do you think of your mom as president?"

Piper shook her head "no."    

"No?" asked Moret.

Sarah reacted, "Piper!"

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Of course, Sarah's biggest supporter is her husband of 25 years, Todd, aka the first dude. For the first time ever, Todd allowed cameras inside his mancave—a giant garage. Four thousand square feet filled with snowmobiles, ATVs, and even a plane with snow skids. In fact, Todd is the guy who shot the moose they ate for dinner.

Todd explained, "I shot my moose. I packed the whole moose in with the antlers and flew it home."

"Really. Alone?" asked Moret.

"Yeah," he confirmed.

Size two Sarah turns 50 today. So INSIDE EDITION had a little surprise for her. Jim Moret sang Happy Birthday to her and presented her with a birthday cake.

Sarah said, "Oh my gosh, thank you so much." 

All in all, a memorable day in Sarah Palin's Alaska.

Moret concluded his visit, saying, "Happy birthday and thank you for letting us into your house."

"Thank you. Come back any time," she said.