Son Writes Loving Message In Snow To His Ailing Mother

In order to lift his leukemia-stricken mother's spirits in the hospital, one son used the snow to send a message of love. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

A 14-year-old did an amazing thing to lift his ailing mother’s spirits and the spirits of every patient in a Chicago hospital.

Sharon Hart was just diagnosed with leukemia. She explained to INSIDE EDITION how it all began with a call from her son, William.

"The call was, ‘Mom, come to the window, come to the window,' and I did that," Sharon said.

William told INSIDE EDITION, "I really just wanted to say hi to my mom."

When she looked out her hospital room window, she saw a giant message in the snow atop a rooftop garage saying: "Hi Mom, God Bless U" with a smiley face in the word "Mom."

Sharon was overwhelmed, saying, "Pure joy, elation, pride. Happiness beyond words! I teared up."

William said, "I thought she was going to cry. She partially did."

That message in the snow has gone viral and it all began when William Hart stood on that garage rooftop, looked up at his mom's window and impulsively started stamping out those letters in the fresh snow with his feet.

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His father, Tim, said, "The whole lot was empty, it was nighttime. Will starts shuffling in the snow. I said, "What are you doing?' Writing ‘Hi Mom!’"

Then, Tim and another relative joined in to make the rest of the message.

“We added, “God Bless You," said Tim.

Word spread throughout the Rush University Medical Center, and soon everybody was heading for the windows to see that heartfelt message!

Nurse Laura Johnson said, "It totally uplifted Sharon and anybody who could see it!"

Sharon will never forget her son’s loving gesture, "It was just what I needed when I needed it."