Florists Working To Save Valentine's Day

INSIDE EDITION met with one florist who is working around the clock to save Valentine's Day for his customers after a winter storm barreled down on New York City.

It's a mad dash to save Valentine’s Day!

Florists are working feverishly to arrange bouquets and place them in layers of waterproof plastic. They're determined that not even Mother Nature keep flowers from reaching sweethearts on the most romantic day of the year.

A headline on Drudge Report said, “Valentine's Day Ruined.”

Conditions are so bad that one Georgia sheriff jokingly designated his area a "No Valentine's Day Zone" in a post on Facebook.

Nic Faitos owns Starbright Floral Design in the heart of New York City’s historic Flower District.

He said, "We do what we do to get the work done."

The snowstorm has triggered a crisis play book. One hundred extra people were hired just to get the flowers delivered on time for Valentine’s Day.

With heavy snowfall shutting down streets, the most urgent need was for delivery people to fan out across the city, delivering bouquets on foot or public transportation. Some deliverymen ran into each other on the subway. They're all racing to save Valentine’s Day.

A bouquet made it safe and sound to it's destination to a hotel in Times Square.

Valentine's Day at risk? Not on their watch!