Chimpanzee Hugs Jane Goodall At Final Goodbye

Before embarking on a new life in the jungle, a chimpanzee gave Jane Goodall a long embrace as if to say a hearfelt goodbye. INSIDE EDITION has the story.

Remarkable video has been released of famed scientist Jane Goodall in a long and loving embrace with one of her rescued chimpanzees. And no one wants to let go.

The chimp's name is Wounda. When Wounda was rescued, she was frail and emaciated, on death's door. She was brought back to good health at the Jane Goodall Institute in the Congo.

Now, Wounda is ready for her next stage of life. She was carried in a cage into a lush forest. The door was lifted and Wounda strode out. But she didn't run off into the wild. Instead, she turned for one last goodbye.

Wounda climbed on top of the cage, then sat and looked around at the land of freedom awaiting her. Then she took the woman who saved her into a loving embrace.

Wounda seemed to instinctively sense that the time had come to say goodbye. It was time to start her new life.