Speed Skating Suit Blamed for Poor Results in the Olympics

Some of Team USA's Olympic speed skaters are saying their high tech suits are slowing them down. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

It may be the most disappointing outcome of the winter Olympics. Team USA speed skater, Shani Davis, finished a distant seventh in the 1,000 meter race.

The rest of the American speed skaters also failed to medal. Heather Richardson, who is ranked Number 1 in the world, finished seventh. The world record holder, Brittany Bowe, finished eighth! So what’s going on?

Some skaters are blaming the team’s new high-tech racing suits. The skintight suit, called the “Mach 39,” was developed exclusively for Team USA by Under Armour & Lockheed Martin, the military contractor that makes fighter jets.

It took two years to develop the suits and it was touted as "The fastest speed skating suit in the world."

But, according to the Wall Street Journal, the suit has a serious design flaw. Air vents on the back of the suit, designed to allow body heat to escape, are apparently allowing air in, creating drag, slowing the skaters down.

The women were so upset they actually had a seamstress sow up the vents before their race, but still did not medal.

In a statement to INSIDE EDITION, an Under Armour executive defended the suit today, calling the “Mach 39’ the “most scientifically advanced and rigorously tested suit ever featured in Olympic competition. We are committed to providing Team USA with the best possible gear.”

Shani Davis took it like a true champion, saying, “I would never blame the suit. I'd much rather blame myself."