78-Year-Old Bodybuilder Hopes to Win a World Championship

He started weightlifting eight years ago.

Age isn’t slowing down this 78-year-old Wisconsin man who looks like he's tapped the fountain of youth.

“I'm more in shape now than what I was when I was 25,” said Sig Sandstrom. 

Sandstrom has regularly worked out at Anytime Fitness for nearly a decade after he began hitting the gym at the age of 70.

He’s there at least five days a week and sometimes on the weekends. 

“She [my wife] kind of complains sometimes because I'm always in the gym,” Sandstrom said.

Sandstrom said he started working out because he wanted to get in shape, sleep better, and think better. But after nearly a decade of fitness training, he is taking his journey to the next level.

In December, Sandstrom competed in his first powerlifting competition.

“Sometimes people let their age kind of determine how much they can lift. He just goes and grabs it. 78 Years old,” said Taylor Gordon, the lead trainer at Anytime Fitness.

Sandstrom’s next event is in April. He has his sights set on a world championship in his age group, but even if he doesn't win, he'll always have a fan base at the gym.

“They think grandpa's pretty cool what I'm doing here,” Sandstrom said.