78-Year-Old Stone Carver Had No Idea He Was an ASMR Star With 2.2 Million Views

Ieuan Rees, a stone carver from Wales, offers life advice as he works.

Thanks to the powers of the internet, this 78-year-old stone carver didn’t even know he was famous.

Ieuan Rees, from a small town in Wales, England, had no idea his name was synonymous to ASMR or that 2.2 million people had watched him work on YouTube.

“We put these videos out just expecting crafts people to be interested,” his representative Dave Brown, of Artisan Media Ltd., told InsideEdition.com. “We hadn’t even heard of ASMR, so it was a bit of a shock.”

Brown explained that they had always known Reese had a soothing voice, and something was calming about the way he worked.

“Ieuan is great, super wise, entertaining and with a beautiful lyrical Welsh accent,” he said.

Rees' day-to-day includes traveling around the country teaching other craftsmen his work, as well as making educational books and videos to preserve the special skill.

They filmed him working in 2012 to show off the craft but because his artistry is so niche, they couldn’t find a way to sell his video at the time.

So they shared it on YouTube and forgot all about it, until a more popular account, "Best Unintentional ASMR," picked it up in 2017 and gave it new life.

Even though both Rees and Brown are pleased with the shocking success, they said they still don’t quite get the allure of ASMR.

“It is rather strange that these videos have had such interest,” Brown said.