Troubles Continue for Michael Dunn in "Loud Music" Trial

A guilty verdict was given to Michael Dunn for attempted murder, while more shocking allegations about his personal life surfaced. INSIDE EDITION reports. 

Does the business man just convicted in the “Loud Music” trial have a secret life as a swinger?

That's the shocking claim from Michael Dunn's neighbor, who says Dunn was a swinger who beat two ex-wives, and forced one of them to go to sex clubs with him.

Dunn's former neighbor, Charles Hendrix, claimed, “He had forced her to go to a sex club in Ft. Lauderdale and participate in some activities at this club that she really didn’t want to do.”

Hendrix has reportedly told authorities that the 47- year-old defendant is a swinger who intimidated his ex-wives and has a history of violence.

Hendrix explained, “Different times in these relationships with these women, they would come to my house crying, claiming that they were scared of this individual and that he had put a gun to their head.”

Jane Velez-Mitchell told INSIDE EDITION, “He [Hendrix] explained Michael Dunn as a very volatile, arrogant man who became enraged when people disagreed with him.”

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Dunn's lawyer said the software developer was "in disbelief" after being found guilty Saturday on three counts of attempted murder for opening fire on an SUV filled with black teens. But a mistrial was declared on the most serious count of first degree murder in the death of 17-year old Jordan Davis.

The case is stirring up so much passion on both sides that CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield made this extraordinary statement: "I have had it with people who are threatening me and my kids and my family for simply commenting on the law and criminal procedure.”

The case has been compared to the Trayvon Martin trial and Jordan's mother was photographed  being comforted by Trayvon's mother.

During an appearance on CNN, George Zimmerman was asked to weigh in on the Michael Dunn case. He told viewers, "I don't watch news anymore, I watch comedy shows, home improvement shows. So I'm not well enough informed to give you exacts."

Michael Dunn's daughter, Rebecca, is the first of his family members to speak out after his conviction. She sobbed Monday on Good Morning America and said, “I love him so much, he’s my best friend. I can’t imagine life without him.”

Davis' attorney sent INSIDE EDITION a statement denying Hendrix's claims and calling them "baseless," ridiculous" and "preposterous."