Did Julia Roberts Bully Her Sister?

The brother of Nancy Motes' fiancé claims that Julia Roberts was a bully to her half-sister. INSIDE EDITION has the exclusive interview.

Julia Roberts’ half-sister Nancy’s apparent suicide has one man pointing a finger at the superstar. Nancy Motes was engaged to Conner Dilbeck’s brother. He said, "The truth is she bullied her sister.”

In an exclusive interview with INSIDE EDITION ,Conner Dilbeck told Diane McInerney that Nancy was tormented by what he claims were "fat-shame" phone calls from Julia.

He said, “Julia Roberts didn't want to have a fat sister.”

Conner says Nancy, who lived in a modest apartment building in Santa Monica, felt inadequate compared to the Pretty Woman icon.  He says that's why, in 2010, Nancy underwent gastric bypass surgery, going from 300 pounds to 155 pounds.

But 37-year-old Nancy was clearly still fighting demons. She was found dead of an apparent drug overdose in a bathtub at an upscale home in Brentwood, California where she had been dog sitting. Her fiancé John Dilbeck, discovered her body along with a five page suicide letter.

Conner said, “I can't stop thinking of the horror of my brother having to pull her out of that bathtub and finding that letter and knowing she felt like she had no other option to escape this bullying than to take her life.”

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McInerney asked, “What did she say in that letter about her sister, Julia?”

“She said, 'My sisters drove me to do this,'” said Conner.  

Nancy was referring to Julia and her other sister, Lisa, from whom she was also estranged. The sisters all share the same mother, Betty Lou Motes, who was hospitalized this weekend for an unknown ailment.

Last October, Nancy tweeted, "It's a shame when you get more support from strangers than you do from your family. I can't wait to officially belong to another family."

She also sent out this message: "My own family has abandoned me."

Julia Roberts has not publicly spoken about Nancy’s death and she has backed out of a number of pre-Oscar events over the past week.  

There's also no question that Julia tried to help her sister where she could. For instance, when Nancy moved to Hollywood, Julia used her connections to get Nancy a job as a production assistant on Glee.

Conner said, “Having the opportunity to work for Glee was like a dream come true for Nancy.”

Julia also reportedly tried to get Nancy into drug rehab.

McInerney asked, “Was Nancy battling a drug addiction?”

Conner replied, “No! She was battling depression. There was no drug addiction. She smoked pot on occasion. Everything else she was taking were prescription drugs, for her actual problems. She had lupus, she had seizures, she had rheumatoid arthritis.”

Psychologist Jeff Gardere told INSIDE EDITION, "There are major challenges to being the sibling of a star or a mega-star. First and foremost, you never feel like you are good enough. You always feel like you are left out, like you are excluded, no matter what you do. No matter what you accomplish in your own life, in your own mind you are just not a success."

This is a tough time for Julia. Instead of celebrating her Oscar nomination she is left grieving the sister who just couldn't come to terms with living in her shadow.