Teenage Girl Claims To Be Serial Killer

Miranda Barbour, the 19-year old charged with murdering a man she met on Craigslist, claims she's a serial killer like the TV character Dexter. But is she telling the truth? INSIDE EDITION has the story.

The 19-year-old teen charged with killing a man she met on Craigslist, now, says she's responsible for 22 more slayings, at least. Miranda Barbour says she was part of a Satanic cult and began killing strangers when she was just 13 years old.   

Barbour and her 22-year-old newlywed husband were charged with the stabbing death of a 42-year-old man in Pennsylvania in November. They have both plead not guilty.

In an interview with a local newspaper, she’s now saying she killed "dozens more.”

Reporter Francis Scarcella of The Daily Item in Sunbury, Pennsylvania, conducted the jailhouse interview.

Scarcella said, “She said, 'I have done this before.' She said less than 100 [killings]. I said, 'No one will believe you killed 100 people, Miranda. It is just not possible.'"

Scarcella says Barbour was remarkable composed as she claimed to be America’s youngest serial killer ever.

"When she came in she sat down. She was very meek. She was very mild. She was very polite. She said she wanted to get these things off her chest," Scarcella said.

On her Facebook page, Barbour shows photos of her baby daughter from a previous relationship and of the $800 engagement ring her fiancé gave her.

Famed criminal profiler Pat Brown is following the shocking case. She told INSIDE EDITION she's skeptical, saying, “I believe she committed homicide. I believe she is a dangerous psychopath. But do I believe she committed 22 homicides? Absolutely not. She is too young. There is no evidence of it. I think she is simply spinning a story to get a lot of attention."

Barbour claimed that the people she killed were all bad people, just like the serial killer on the show Dexter.

"I can pinpoint on a map where you can find them," Barbour told the newspaper. "I remember everything. It's like watching a movie."

The FBI and investigators from Alaska, North Carolina, California, and Texas, are taking Barbour's claims seriously.    

Barbour stands accused of luring Troy Lafarrera, a civil engineer, to a parking lot in Pennsylvania with a Craigslist ad offering sex for $100.

Her best friend told The Daily Item that Barbour was "deeply disdainful" of obesity. Lafarrera weighed 275 pounds.

Scarcella said, “I think the thing that surprised me was that, she said, 'I don't want to get out of prison, because if I do, I will do this again.'"