9-Year-Old Girl Wrestles Alligators

INSIDE EDITION reports on a 9-year-old girl whose own parents have taught her how to wrestle alligators with wild abandon.

Samantha Young is just 9-years-old, but she handles alligators with reckless abandon. She pokes and prods a huge gator with a pole. She approaches a whole family of alligators barefoot and grabs one gator by the tail!

"I was a little afraid when I first started, but as I grew older I became more and more comfortable with them," said Samantha.

Samantha learned alligator wrestling from both her father, and her mother. She and her family live with more than 300 alligators at Gator Park in southern Colorado.

Samantha's parents dont seem concerned at all that their 9-year-old little girl wrestles the dangerous creatures.

"She needed to handle them as she grew up so that she would learn about them and understand them. So it's actually much safer to let her wrestle them and teach her to do it properly," said Samantha's dad.