Friend Of Miranda Barbour Is Skeptical About Serial Killer Claims

INSIDE EDITION spoke to Candice Holland, a friend of accused killer Miranda Barbour, the teen who is charged with murdering a man she met on Craigslist and is skeptical about her claims of being serial killer.

Elytte Barbour’s teenage wife claims she killed 22 people in a serial killing spree across America is speaking out. Reporters surrounded him outside court and wanted to know if he believed her claims of being the youngest serial killer in U.S. history.

He gave a smart aleck response, "I plead the fifth."

A reporter asked, "Do you think she is being honest?"

He said, "Who is to say?"

The reporter then asked, "You think she is lying about killing 22 people?"

He replied, "I didn't say that."

The reporter asked, "Do you think she is telling the truth?"

"Don't put words in my mouth," he said.

Miranda told a newspaper that she killed people in four states and stopped counting when the toll reached 22.

She and Elytte, her husband of just three months, are charged with killing a 42-year-old civil engineer she met on Craigslist for sex. They've both pled not guilty.

In an INSIDE EDITION exclusive, we're now hearing from a close friend of the newlyweds. Waitress Candace Holland says her friend Miranda could be very manipulative.

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She said, "There always seemed to be some sort of hidden intention behind what she was saying. She seemed like someone who knew how to control other people's emotions."

Miranda says she and her husband had been looking for someone to kill as a way to celebrate his 22nd birthday. "We always said before we died we would do this." [Source: The Daily Item]

Holland says she is skeptical of her friend's claims of being a serial killer like the TV character Dexter.