Ice Dancing Duo Wins Gold and Hearts

Meryl Davis and Charlie White won the gold medal in ice dancing, and are winning hearts across America. INSIDE EDITION has more.

They're being called a real life Disney prince and princess.

American ice dancer Meryl Davis is the spitting image of Princess Jasmine. She even wears a jeweled headband. And her partner, Charlie White has the flowing blond locks of the character Kristoff from the new hit movie Frozen.

Davis and White are celebrating their historic gold medal, America's first in ice dancing. Can you believe they've been together for 17 years? They started dancing when she was nine and he was eight.

On the Today show, Davis said, "As we finished, we just expressed our love and gratitude for each other."

It may sound like these new Olympic champs are boyfriend-girlfriend, but they're not. They're just friends. Charlie White dates Tanith Belbin, an ice dancer herself who won silver in the 2006 Olympics.

And there's outrage today in Canada over Davis and White beating out reigning gold medalists, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir of Canada, who won silver this time around. A Toronto Star columnist even suggested there was a conspiracy to give the United States its first ice dancing gold, writing: "If the fix is not in against Sochi, then I'm the Princess of Wales. The villainy of ice dancing knows no bounds."

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