Woman Climbs Chrysler Building For Dramatic Photo

INSIDE EDITION spoke with Lucinda Grange about her daredevil efforts to take some impressive snapshots from the world's skyscrapers.

A woman in a black mini-dress perches hundreds of feet in the air on top of the Chrysler Building, surveying the Manhattan skyline, steps away from certain death.

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd Skyped with the 25-year-old daredevil photographer, Lucinda Grange.

"How exactly did you get to that location on the Chrysler Building?" asked Boyd.

Grange said, "I actually had permission to be in the building and then sneaked away from where I was meant to be and then found my way up there and then got out of the building."

Video captured Grange winding her way through back stairwells and climbing through a window on the 61st floor. Then, she balanced herself on one of the iconic eagles.

No comment from the owners of the Chrysler Building, but they're certain not be be pleased.

The Chrysler Building is the eighth tallest building in the United States. From where she stood, the fourth tallest building in the U.S., the Empire State Building can be seen, and the tallest building, One World Trade Center.

Grange travels the world, risking her life to capture images from atop famous buildings and structures.

She explained, "I've been caught by security before, but I explain what I'm doing and why and they understand that I'm there because I'm appreciated these and the history of the building. And I'll show them the images, and they'll completely understand."

"I'm pretty sure you're not advocating this for anyone, you seem to know what you're doing," asked Boyd.

"I'm definitely not encouraging copycats. I put it out there for people to be able to experience it through me instead of going up to do it themselves," replied Grange.