Winter Thaw Wreaking Havoc On Roads

While a break from inclement weather has been nice in parts of America, it is causing a series of problems like flooding and potholes on roadways. INSIDE EDITION has the details.

The break in the weather is great news, but it comes with many problems. From flooding fears in Ohio to America’s roadways filled with potholes. As the snow melts, potholes are piling up, chewing up tires and damaging cars.

Auto mechanic Audra Fordin writes the car blog, Women Auto Know and is CEO Great Bear Auto Repair and Body Shop. She's doing bang up business from her garage in Queens, New York. She had tips for making it through the minefield of potholes.

She said, “No. 1 stay calm. No. 2 don't apply the brakes, you want to drive slowly. Be aware of what is around you, so, that if you do move out of the way you are not going to hit another car or some other obstacle that is in the road.”

Watch How You Can Stay Safe While Driving Around Potholes

Greenfield Road in Detroit is becoming notorious as perhaps the worst pothole-filled streets in America.

Fluctuating temperatures are also causing problems. The snow may be melting in the daytime, but overnight they’ll freeze up leading to dangerous conditions.

Falling chunks of ice are reigning down on New York City.

Simon Cowell’s Range Rover was damaged by the ice. A giant chunk of ice fell on the windshield in front of a swanky hotel in New York. Cowell, his girlfriend, and their newborn son, Eric, where inside the hotel and were not injured.

In New Jersey, mounds of snow and ice are causing real headaches. Cars have been entombed in ice, sometimes for weeks. Now, officials are threatening to tow them away so snow plows can finally come through and clean the streets.  

INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent was on Central Avenue in Jersey City where bulldozers were getting rid of the heavy snow. However, their biggest challenge was getting folks to move their cars off the street. City workers are going block by block trying to find the owners of trapped vehicles.

Across America, epic scenes of an incredible winter and it's potentially dangerous aftermath.