Celebrity Secrets To Hide Hair Loss Revealed

Jon Cryer admitted on Conan O'Brien's show that his hair is an illusion. INSIDE EDITION reports on the ways some celebrities hide thinning hair.

It was the moment Two-and-a-Half Men star Jon Cryer fessed up that he's hiding his hair loss. He told Conan O'Brien just how the expert stylists camouflage his hair loss.

"This is an elaborate illusion," said Cryer. "They literally sprinkle powder in from a salt shaker."

Believe it or not, 48-year-old Cryer has a balding scalp without the fake hair.

Beverly Hills salon owner Giuseppe Franco showed INSIDE EDITION how the technique works.

Franco explained, "They come in different colors. You can see this one is darker than this one.

He demonstrated how it works, saying, "You're spraying and moving, spraying and moving."

The powder Franco sprayed onto actor Mel Kimman's thinning scalp while INSIDE EDITION was in the salon is actually made from real human hair.

When Kimman saw how he looked before and after the treatment, he said, "That's amazing. That's a huge difference."

Franco said, "Remember, human nature. You look good, you feel good, you're happy."

So, how do other stars hide their apparent hair loss? We asked hair transplant surgeon Dr. John Frank to compare two photos of John Travolta. It seems Travolta uses a similar technique to Jon Cryer's.

Dr. Frank said, "That's not even a hairpiece. It was sprinkled onto his hair and sticks to his scalp, and he'll go home tonight, get in the shower and wash that off."

Actor Jason Alexander looks bald sometimes, and appears to have a full head of hair other times.

"Overnight, he went to [looking like] someone who looks like he doesn't have any hair loss. This is a really nice hairpiece. They did a great job with this."

Jon Cryer's former Two-and-a-Half Men co-star Charlie Sheen also seems to have help with a receding hairline, according to Dr. Frank.

"Obviously a wig. It's so obvious. There's no hair transplant. There's no powders. There's no shoe polish that can get you from this to this," noted Dr. Frank.

Dr. Frank also gave INSIDE EDITION his take on Ben Affleck's hair.

"This is clearly a wig on the left side. You can see the way the hair is exiting the scalp. Ben Affleck has, in my mind, become sort of the poster boy for a bad hairpiece," said Dr. Frank.

Sheen's spokesperson tells us Charlie's hair is 100% real. Sometimes it looks different depending on how it is combed.

A source close to Affleck says the actor doesn't wear a hairpiece.